Strata, Staines

LaSalle Investment Management

£14m construction

With over 700 employees stretching over 17 countries and occupying 24 offices, LaSalle Investment Management are global, industry leading real estate specialists.

Through association with Francis Hunter, LaSalle Investment Management’s UK employees now work in a fully functioning and contemporary office which meets all current market requirements.

The task of this project was to transform the tired office building of the original Courage Brewery headquarters and update the office space from its previous 1980’s fit out.

Following appointment by LaSalle Investment Management and development managers Bell Hammer, Francis Hunter project managed and acted as contract administrator in the design and construction phases of this exciting project.

By utilising an owner-occupier building structure designed for occupier flexibility and by increasing the available office space, Francis Hunter took full advantage of financial and time savings to create one of the most stunning new office developments in the South East.