The Vanish Works, King's Cross

10,000 sqft

Greenlight Digital is an independent award-winning SEO and PPC consulting and technology firm helping businesses dramatically increase their sales and profits.

Greenlight moved from a traditional multi-tenanted building into this unique, dynamic and vibrant space in a specific move away from the ordinary.

The task for Francis Hunter was to assist in the acquisition of new office space that supported a move from a corporate office environment in an institutional building to a more dynamic space in King's Cross that encompassed Greenlight’s desire for flexible, free flowing space.

The complex property deal, which required a simultaneous exchange on old and new leases, was completed in parallel with the technical and commercial negotiations of the Agreement for Lease. The success of this process was attributed to Francis Hunter’s support for the property agent and legal team during the process.

Greenlight put a huge amount of energy into dressing the space following completion of the fit-out works to achieve a fully coordinated and working space from day one of occupation.