Cognizant - Collaboratory

Paddington, London

3,600 sqft

Cognizant understand that the modern business faces new challenges such as new competition and increased pressure on existing revenue streams. By utilising their industry and technology expertise, Cognizant offer a cost-effective solution while investing in new capabilities, ideas and innovation.

Cognizant required a new space for collaborative working within their existng offices in Paddington. When additional space became available on the floor Cognizant occupied, they took this opportunity to expand their existing space further.

This Cat B fit out aimed to provide an excellent collabortive space adjacent to the existing office, ensuring efficient and collaborative working process going forward.

The main challenges faced during this project included the tight timescale of the fit-out, and working within a fully occupied building with multiple tenants.

Francis Hunter carried out the contract administration, cost consultancy and project management roles for the project, ensuring a timely, cost efficent and beautiful office space.